General 10 procedures

General procedures that do not fit within any specific area of activity.


Audiovisual 9 procedures

Procedures for overseeing the audiovisual communication market, such as processing the Required European Financing (FOE).


Energy 47 procedures

Associated with the field of Energy, procedures such as conflict resolution, authorisations, fees and quotas, SINCRO, SIFCO and SIPS system, last recourse marketers and equivalent premium of the special regime, among others.


Competence 13 procedures

Procedures for preliminary consultation, reporting of concentrations, leniency and whistleblowing, among others, which allow for the existence of effective competition in all markets and production sectors.


Transport 8 procedures

Procedures to guarantee plurality in the provision of rail services, ensuring that the fees are not discriminatory.


Telecommunications 18 procedures

Related to administrative procedures in the Telecommunications sector and processes involving the numbering registry, the registry of operators, rates and reports, among others.

Unidad de mercado

Market unity 8 procedures

Procedures to ensure market unity and encourage the creation of an environment that is much more favourable to competition and investment.


Postal 9 procedures

Procedures to guarantee the universal postal service and enforce the regulations regarding access to the network and other postal infrastructures and services.

Promoción de la competencia

Promotion of competition 7 procedures

Procedures related to the removal of barriers to effective competition in the markets.

Public entities

Public entities 2 procedures

Procedures for other public agencies or for the administration of justice.