In its Resolution of 30 September 2016, the CNMC makes its electronic notification system available to interested parties for appearances, according to the provisions found in Law 39/2015 of 1 October. This type of notification can be received much quicker, and it allows access to the notified contents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which facilitates communication with the CNMC.

With this system of notifications, the CNMC is responsible for directly notifying interested parties when their notifications become available. This courtesy notice takes place via an email message sent to one or more email addresses and also by instant messaging (SMS) to one or more mobile phone numbers, but these notices are not considered as an actual electronic notification, but are always understood as only a means of facilitation.


Access to notifications for appearances

In order to download the notification you must have a digital certificate that verifies that you are the recipient of the notification, and you must access the URL of the notification portal for appearances:

In the notifications received tab you can view the list of notifications, and for each of these you can accept it to view its contents, or reject it, or perform no action. Once 10 calendar days have passed since a notification is made available, if you have neither accepted nor rejected the notification it will expire and will be considered as rejected. Evidence of this is recorded in the file and the procedure will be taken as completed, following the procedure.

Once a notification has been rejected, either expressly or by allowing these 10 days to pass, it will no longer be possible to access its contents.


Enter the information to be notified electronically and receive notices when notifications become available

Any person with a digital certificate can access the electronic notification system. In order to receive notifications in this way you must fill in the following form, which is used to provide the Tax ID Number (NIF in Spanish) of the certificate holder who you wish to be notified, along with an email address and mobile phone number where you want to receive the notice that the notification is now available.

Those not obligated to communicate with the CNMC electronically can fill in and submit the standardised form to select their means of notification.

Who can use this service?

This service can be used by any individual or legal entity that interacts with the CNMC for purposes of some specific case. Only individuals or entities that have been designated as contact persons for purposes of notification will be able to be notified by this method, and only when is properly verified that they are acting on their own behalf or in legitimate representation.


Technical requirements

Certificado Digital Certificate

A digital certificate for the individual, legal entity, or representative, which has been issued by any provider of certification services from among those that have submitted the compulsory notification to Spain's Ministry of Energy, Tourism, and the Digital Agenda, according to article 30 of Law 59/2003 of 19 December, on electronic signatures and for the DNI-e issued by the General Office of Police.

View the online list of providers of certification services (Ministry of Energy, Tourism, and Digital Agenda)

In order to circumvent the security warnings you may need to install the root certificate from the Certification Authority for this server (Camerfirma) on your computer.