Comunicación de datos para la realización de notificaciones telemáticas

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Descripción del trámite

Article 14 of Law 39/2015 establishes the right and obligation to carry out electronic procedures with Public Administrations, in order to perform any process for administrative procedures on a wide range of subjects. In summary, this is compulsory for all parties except for individuals, as long as they are acting as individual citizens and no other express obligation exists (article 14.3).

In the case of notifications from a Public Administration sent to a party that is obligated to use electronic means of communication, article 41 establishes that these notifications must take place by digital means.

The present form must be used to notify the CNMC regarding the information needed so that electronic notification can be performed. This information essentially consists of a Tax ID Number (NIF in Spanish), with respect to which a recognised electronic certificate is possessed.



  • Information on who is submitting the notification. Attach all documents considered necessary or that have been indicated as necessary, in order to validate the information for the company or individual presenter, verify powers of representation, include annexes, etc.
  • The scope of the communication of information in the "FOR" section.
  • Information on the recipient company for notification and the contacts provided for use of the procedures at the CNMC's Electronic Office. You must add at least one, and it is strongly recommended that you should add more than one. Notices will be sent using this contact information and it must be possible to accept the notifications.

Technical requirements

Certificado Digital Certificate

A digital certificate for the individual, legal entity, or representative, which has been issued by any provider of certification services from among those that have submitted the compulsory notification to Spain's Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Commerce, according to article 30 of Law 59/2003 of 19 December, on electronic signatures and for the DNI-e issued by the General Office of Police.

View the online list of providers of certification services (Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Commerce)

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